Anorak News | Police Catch Killer Who Tattooed Murder Scene On His Chest

Police Catch Killer Who Tattooed Murder Scene On His Chest

by | 22nd, April 2011

ANTHONY Garcia wants you to know that he murdered a 23-year-old gang member John Juarez in 2004. He doesn’t want you – the police – to know He wants you – the other gangbangers and hoodlums who see him and fear him – to know. So proud of his achievement is Garcia that he tattooed the crime scene on his chest.

The ink includes the Christmas lights outside Mr Ed’s Liquor, the venue for the murder, and the legend “Rivera Kills” – Garcia is a member of the gang Rivera 13.

Crucially, the tattoo on Garcia – whose nickname is “Chopper” – included a helicopter firing guns at the victim, who was drawn as a “Mr Peanuts” character.

When Garcia was pinched for a minor crime, LA sergeant Kevin Lloyd, who had investigated the murder, saw that chest. Garcia then compounded his stupidity by telling all to two undercover policeman placed in his jail cell.

Garcia now faces 65 years to life in prison.


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