Anorak News | Katie Price Regurgitates Bunting For William And Kate: The Worst Photoshopped Photo Ever

Katie Price Regurgitates Bunting For William And Kate: The Worst Photoshopped Photo Ever

by | 27th, April 2011

OK! is inviting “YOU” “INSIDE” the wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton.

This is “OK!’s Royal Invitation”.

Only, it isn’t. If you carry a copy of OK! to the gates of Westminster Abbey, you will not get in. If you take it to Buckingham Palace for the reception, you will likewise find your way barred.

What OK! readers do get is a photoshopped image of Katie Price, Alec Gerrard, Kimberley Walsh and Kerry Katona sat about a table laden with sticky buns and festooned with bunting.

Walsh, who is casually leaning on the table set in the bucolic splendour of a forest, seems to be the only one invited to the party. And you admire her efforts because the shot reveals her to be legless – literally.

To her right is Gerrard, dressed for the occasion (the occasion being a wine party in a Liverpool shop). To her right is Katie Price, who seems to be on the point of regurgitating more bunting. But the pick of the monarchists is Kerry Katona. The Queen of own-brand ketchups appears to be at least three feet shorter than Gerrard and gunning for an armpit contract for a supermarket shaving product.

So, girls, what d’yer think of the show?

Walsh: “I would have loved to have covered the wedding, like Steve Jones and Fearne Cotton. It would be a great going and a great chance to be nosy, but it would have stressed me out figuring out what to wear – the pressure would be immense.”

Gerrard: “I’m not majorly interested”

Price: “As Peter put the ring on my finger, he was holding my hand tightly and we were really gazing into each other’s eyes.”

Katona: “If I had to choose between William and Harry, I’d have either.”

England expects. Hurrah!

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