Anorak News | Kelner’s i Abandons Elitist Prententions And Goes Nuts For ‘Shit’ Royal Wedding

Kelner’s i Abandons Elitist Prententions And Goes Nuts For ‘Shit’ Royal Wedding

by | 29th, April 2011

WAY, Way, way bask in early April, i editor Simon Kelner asked the paper’s readers to help dictate what level of Royal wedding coverage the paper should feature.

The poll – “How much Royal wedding coverage do you want to see in i?” – features the options:

“None; Some; Who gives a shit; Charlie Sheen”; and “Only if the bastards get blown up“.

Kelner told us of the paper’s Facebook poll in which respondents had voted by a factor of two to one against i featuring any coverage of Prince William and Catherine Middleton’s wedding. The smug liberal elite think  know the wedding is for idiots.

On the i’s Page 3, the editor used his address to say that readers’ views have been taken on board.

Kelner wrote loftily:

“And we’ll always keep a sense of perspective in our coverage given the events of really global significance happening elsewhere.”

So to today’ news:

Front page: “A couple smiles for the world

Want to guess which couple?

Lest you think the paper is ignoring those bigger stories, the front page also features a story that 15 have been killed in a Marrakech bomb blast, news that “the weekend starts here” and a report on Hollywood actor Benicio del Toro’s time in Havana.

Page 2: “The ultimate bridal gowns

Page 3: “Page 3 Profile: Rowan Williams”. He’s the Archbishop of Canterbury. He’s marrying that happy couple.

Pages 4-5: “Let the pomp and circumstance begin

“Syrian ambassador dropped from guest list”

Page 15: “Beckham and other royals”

Luke Blackall writes: “If you’re not a fan of royalty, it might be best to look away now.”

Or don’t buy the i.

Page 26-27: “The line of succession to the throne: a royal who’s who

Page 28: TV reviewer Gerard Gilbert’s pick of the day is a Come Dine With Me Royal Wedding Special”.

Back to that Facebook poll…

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