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David Cameron’s Failed Handshake Proves He Is Not Psychotic

by | 30th, April 2011

ONE day on from scoring a free ticket to the royal wedding (and dinner), Prime Minister David Cameron was playing tennis with former Wimbledon champion and Britain’s most likeable German Boris Becker at a charity tennis match at Chequers, Buckinghamshire. (Where id it all go wrong, Dave?)

As you will see in these photos, the event was notable for the gurning Cameron and the handshake.

The handshake is no longer a simple thing among gentlemen. The firm grip and steady look in the eye was once the essence of a done deal and moral assurance.

Anorak once worked for a publication where the editor took it upon himself to teach me how to shake hands “properly”. I, apparently went in too close, failed to hold the gaze, sloped in a louche manner and was prone to smiling. This editor happened to be a workshy dickhead of the first order: he would send a group email the second he got into work as some kind of logging on process and, as she hoped, testament to his dedication. He would then slope off. He once took me to lunch in Soho and asked if I knew how to eat soup. As I say, a dickhead. Anyhow, the result of his tuition was that he took to placing phone books under his computer so as not to look across the work pod at my mocking eyes; and, ultimately, he made me realise that anyone who spent time perfecting their handshake was a charlatan. Finely tuned manners and the ability to always say the right thing at the right time are the markings of the psychotic – the archetypal villain.

So. To Cameron and his handshake. Happily, he failed. While Becker went for the big hearty grip – that thumb-high shake once reserved for a copper’s grip on a ruffian’s throat – Cameron neither looked at his new tennis pal nor had the right shake for the right moment. We than therefore deduce that Cameron is not a megalomaniac.


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Prime Minister David Cameron shakes hands with Boris Becker during a charity tennis match at Chequers, Buckinghamshire.

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