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Spread Magazine RIP: Legalise Prostitution And Stop Criminalising Sex Workers

by | 1st, May 2011

BAD news is that $pread Magazine is closing. $pread was:

…a quarterly magazine by and for sex workers and those who support their rights. We are current and former strippers, escorts, pro-dommes, phone sex and fetish workers, and porn stars of all genders. The magazine has a focus on personal experiences and political insights, and contains practical information like news, features, health columns, and resources related to the sex industry. $pread builds community in the sex trade by featuring the honest and diverse perspectives of those who know it best: the women and men, including transgender persons, who work within this sensationalized, highly stereotyped industry.

In another life, a, er, friend of Anorak worked for a madam in the Baker Street area of London. The job entailed putting stickers in phone boxes between the local Marylebone station and King’s Cross. This friend pick up the wads of stickers of a morning and two hours later returedn to the brothel (often a flat rented out by the day while the owner was at work) to collect the cash. Offers of payment in kind were politely and firmly refused. The sex workers were fit, young-ish, sexy, independent and good cash earners. The madams on the door, were capable looking and thick of wrist. The men – the ones the friend witnessed coming and going – were clean and no trouble (including the one who brought his own parachute harness).

The women were not victims. But thanks to the bastard laws they were criminals – villains for selling their own bodies. Your body is just about the only thing you should be able to call your own. But you can’t. The State owns it.

Not to legalise prostitution is stupid, ridiculous and damaging.  Spread the word…

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