Anorak News | Like The 9/11 Victims, Osama Bin Laden ‘Had It ‘Coming’

Like The 9/11 Victims, Osama Bin Laden ‘Had It ‘Coming’

by | 3rd, May 2011

OSAMA bin Laden is dead. Well, so they say. The US killed him. The US will hunt and kill Bin Laden’s friends. You can tell something about a man by the kind of friends he keeps. Says The Guardian‘s Michael White:

Plenty of Europeans – including friends of mine – muttered quietly when they watched the twin towers fall in Manhattan that “the Americans had it coming”.

Also, the 200 people who jumped to their deaths had it coming.  The 343  firefighters and paramedics killed trying to rescue people being murdered at their desks had it coming. The 19,858 body parts found after the attacks of people who had it coming.

The victims who had it coming from places like South Africa, South Korea, Ireland, Spain, Brazil, Israel, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Italy, St. Kitts & Nevis, Canada . Jamaica , St. Lucia, Japan, Sweden, China…

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