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Jon Venables Face And Name Revealed

by | 4th, May 2011

BECAUSE someone has posted what he claims to be photos of Jon Venables on the internet, one of James Bulger’s killers will have to be given a new identity and be re-housed (he was living in Cheshire).

A spokesman for the Ministry of Justice says:

“Such a change of identity is extremely rare and granted only when the police assess that there is clear and credible evidence of a sustained threat to the offender’s life on release into the community.”

The Sun reports:

The activist, who again The Sun cannot name, said: “The picture has now been seen by millions. I don’t believe Jon Venables or any convicted sex offender has the right to anonymity or a protected identity. It is the public that needs protection.”

How is the public protected by being shown photos of a man the State says cannot be named nor revealed for his own safety? Have we lost faith in the system and the rule of law, achieved by consensus?

The Liverpool Post reports:

Ralph Bulger, James’ dad, was not at the Old Bailey yesterday to see Venables jailed for two years.

But his solicitor Robin Makin was there on his behalf and believes the authorities have to answer for their actions.

He also said they had hoped Venables would be given an indefinite jail term for public protection (IPP).

Mr Makin said: “No-one has taken into account the danger this man poses. The public was not protected in this case.

“We are upset because no-one considered a sexual element in the original crime, the murder of James, so it could not be brought up here to show past history…

“It was a ticking timebomb waiting to go off, putting him so close to Liverpool and to the scene of it all. It will only have upped the pressure. They gave him a new identity but if he was so close, that cannot have helped.”

What now..?


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Ralph Bulger arrives at Manchester Crown Court with wife Denise to face charges of woulnding with intent in a nightclub incident in 1993. Ralph, father of murdered toddler Jamie, appeared with brother Philip, also charged with wounding with intent.

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