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Imogen Thomas Sex Stories: Craig Richards Gets It Off His Shaved Chest

by | 8th, May 2011

BEFORE the mysterious Premier League footballer, news is that Imogen Thomas, formerly of Big Brother, was, allegedly, shagging Craig Richards. He’s a “former Welsh Sevens Rugby Union international”. And he’s happy to tell the News of The World how Thomas handled his tackle (geddit?).

Lest you think Thomas is the victim in all this, the paper tells us:

And he reveals the full range of Imogen’s seductive skills that tempted the unnamed Premier League idol to cheat on his wife.

Do you see? The love rat the media is banned from revealing by order of law is the victim. He was tempted away from his marital home by Thomas. By inference, we are being told that Thomas was the first woman with whom Footballer A had dabbled in extra-martial sex.

As ever, the woman is the true villain. She made no vows of fidelity. But she is one who seduced the good man.

Says Craig:

“Imogen is full-on. She has a fantastic body and her boobs, bum and legs look great.”

Great. The man is a rat. The woman is broken down to her constituent parts.

“…She’s a great laugh and she loves fit men. She used to tell me that I could keep going for hours, which she liked.”

Oh, save us the details for your memoirs, Craig.

“…She liked my chest and stomach. I shave my chest. She kept coming back for more so she must have liked it.”

And then the clincher:

“She didn’t talk much about her boyfriends, but it didn’t concern me to be honest, I didn’t care.”

Which is pretty much the judge’s position…


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