Anorak News | Will Smith And Jenny Cannybody Lose Super Injunction Fight: Spoilt Rich Bastards Got Theirs First

Will Smith And Jenny Cannybody Lose Super Injunction Fight: Spoilt Rich Bastards Got Theirs First

by | 9th, May 2011

JENNY Cannybody, 30, of Scotswood Road, Newcastle upon Tyne is never likely to get the superinjunction she craves to stop the exposure of the fact she is having her bones humped to breaking point by Will Smith. (No not that one).

This Will Smith is, as fable has it, a 42-year-old North Shields butcher and, according to Jennifer in a Newcastle’s Bigg Market pub rest room tête-à-têtes with her mates, likes a good time, has a bit of brass and knows how to wield his pork sausage the right way. (“If you know warra mean, like”)

Jenny needs a superinjunction because she was silly enough not to check who else was in the Tyneside pub and her live-in partner and dad to at least one of her four kids, Big Kev, is likely to read the sad truth scrawled up on the urinal wall of his local before too long. It is more likely he will have it read to him by one of the kids (not his) when they get it on a social website today. There remains no pleasure sweeter than giving it to your step-dad right in the gonads.

It is then Jenny would be desperate for a superinjunction because when Big Kev finds out he will probably once again headbutt her (usually an activity reserved for Geordie foreplay).

Jenny will never get a Superinjunction granted by a London High Court Judge under the provisions of the Euro Human Rights Acts because she is neither rich, a celebrity, Premier league footballer, media slapper nor a minor-major politico.

She will, just as the majority of the rest of us, have to endure when indiscretions are revealed.

That is what is wrong with the concept of a Privacy Law… created out of a loosely-worded human rights law; only the super rich can afford to pay image management lawyers to make them appear as if virginal handmaidens sitting at the right-hand of whatever God they profess to have while actually having a moral code slightly below a devotee exponent of the new art form of Dogging.

Does anyone actually care whether the vile John Terry, Andrew Marr, and allegedly, Jemima Khan – Jeremy Clarkson, Gabby Logan and countless other media-made legends in their own lunchtimes want to make the beasts with two-backs, hide the wenier, screw themselves even sillier than they already are?

What rankles and has to change is the injustice of what the English High Court is doing. This is a legal invention, an interpretation of bad law as a Privacy Law (in a State which has no such law) and which has nothing at all to do with natural justice or Common Law.

It is a protection racket for a celebrity establishment which is too idle, too rich and too afraid of the ridicule Jenny Cannybody and other, poorer people will have to suffer for being too fond of what a butcher can do with his pork sausage.

And until Jenny can have the same protections – which will never happen – then this superinjunction secrecy has to be prevented and UK Premier David Cameron (Crowing Tory) and his embittered Deputy Nick Clegg (Battered Liberal) had better make up their collective mind and put a stop to this monstrously unfair usage of High Court time and the consequent gross social unjustice of it all. – AGW

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