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Madeleine McCann: Day 4 In The Sun And The Psychic Hears Maddie Say A Name

by | 11th, May 2011

MADELEINE McCann: Day four of the Sun’s serialisation of the Kate McCann book: a spirit, a well, a name, Gap top and questioning motives:

Sun (front page): “I fear this outfit may led to Madeleine kidnap”

We see the child dressed in a sun hat and sun dress.

MADELEINE McCann poses for her last photo in a pretty peach top her mum fears may have made her a kidnap target.

The kidnapper wanted the outfit?

Kate McCann, 43, recalls in her new book: “She looked lovely. I was following her with my eyes admiring her. I wonder now if someone else was doing the same.”

So. Not the outfit, then. That’s the Sun’s bonkers headline, blaming an outfit for the alleged kidnap.

What Kate McCann actually writes is:

She was wearing an outfit I’d bought especially for her holiday: a peach-coloured smock top from Gap and some white broderie anglaise shorts from Monsoon.

A small extravagance, perhaps, but I’d pictured how lovely she would look in them and I’d been right. She was striding ahead of me, swinging her bare arms to and fro. I remember thinking I should have brought a cardigan for her, although she seemed oblivious of the temperature, just happy and carefree.

I was following her with my eyes admiring her. I wonder now, the nausea rising in my throat, if someone else was doing the same.

You can read what all this detail adds up to here. For now, read on:

Page 4 and 5:

She was so happy and obviously enjoying herself. Standing there listening intently to instructions, she looked so gorgeous in her little T-shirt and shorts, pink hat, ankle socks and new holiday sandals that I ran back to our apartment for my camera to record the occasion.

This is illustrated with a photo of the child holding tennis balls and smiling.

At breakfast time on the Thursday, Madeleine had a question for us. “Why didn’t you come when Sean and I cried last night?”


We were puzzled. Did she mean when they were having their bath? we asked her. Or just after they’d gone to bed?


Madeleine didn’t answer or elaborate. Instead she moved on to some other subject that had popped into her head, apparently unconcerned. If something had happened to make her cry, it was pretty unlikely that she wouldn’t tell us about it.

Gerry and I were disconcerted. Could Madeleine and Sean have woken up while we were at dinner?

They could have.

…Within hours, the explanation for this would seem hugely important, and so haunted have I been since by Madeleine’s words that morning that I’ve continued to blame myself for not sitting down and making completely certain there was no more information that I could draw out of her.

…This could have been my one chance to prevent what was about to happen, and I blew it…

Any evidence?

But it is my belief there was somebody either in, or trying to get in, the children’s bedroom that night, and that is what disturbed them. The only other unexplained detail I remember from that morning was a large, brown stain I noticed on Madeleine’s pink Eeyore pyjama top. It looked like a tea stain.


At the time I just assumed it was a drink spillage that had escaped our attention, and that might well be all it was.

Such are the facts.

Kate McCann then gives a timeline of events leading up them tucking the children in to bed. At 8:30, the parents go out for dinner.

Just after 9pm Gerry McCann went to look at this children:

“He paused to look at Madeleine and thought to himself ‘She’s so beautiful’”

Pages 6 and 7: “In my heart I believe my Madeleine is still alive”

Says Kate McCann:

“There is no evidence that Madeleine has come to any harm. There is also no evidence that she is not out there alive. In four years there never has been.”

There is also, apparently, no evidence of any crime having befallen the child.

Kate does not believe evidence from the night of the kidnap points to Madeleine having come to harm when she was snatched.”

Says Gerry McCann:

“I think the motives of anyone who wants to convince people that Madeleine is dead without evidence to support it have to be questioned.”

Indeed. One must stick to the facts. One should not be convinced the child is alive. One should not be convinced she is dead. Stick to the facts.

One facts seems to be that those words attributed to Gerry McCann were spoken not to the Sun in an interview. But they sound a lot like what he told Channel 4 in 2010.

He adds

“Every time a missing child turns up alive that gives us hope – and it also proves to the public that this can happen.”

Page 11: Jane Moore:

“Suffice to say, any sane human being who has read the McCanns’ heart-rending account this week of their daughter’s disappearance will know they are telling a deeply painful truth”

Swindon Advertiser: “Missing Madeleine McCann ‘spoke’ to psychic”

Is she alive?

She claims to have received telepathic messages from missing girl Madeleine McCann and experienced a premonition about the death of Princess Diana.

Too late for Di. Can Maddie be helped?

And now Maureen Scott, a professional medium and psychic healer, has published a book detailing the incidents and many other examples of what she says is her contact with the spirit world.

Why not publish a book of things to happen and then, when proven right, ensure your words have the weight of proof? Says she:

“There are sceptics but I just wanted to put the word out and just to let people know there’s a spirit world and there’s something more to life than immediate reality.”

Hurry up and tell us about Madeleine:

Maureen, a grandmother-of-four, writes that she was ‘reduced to tears’ by visions of Madeleine McCann, who appeared to her soon after she went missing in Portugal about four years ago.


“For about a week I was aware of this small child standing near by bed, and naturally I began to ask questions about who she was.”


The name ‘Madeleine’ came through strongly to her, she says, and when she asked where she was the girl kept talking about Portugal and water, showing her a deep well and repeating the name of one particular person.


In relation to her premonition of Princess Diana’s death, Maureen says it came to her in a dream three months before the car crash.

Back to Diana, Maureen. Sadly she does not share the name with us, such are the demands on the Swindon Advertiser for adverts for second-hand cars and cheap DVDs that there’s no space to delivers the scoop of the century.

“I’m very pleased with the book,” said Maureen.

Do we have to buy it – or will the paper serialise it to give us the name?

Spotter: Karen

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