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L’Oreal National Movie Awards: Photos Of The PR-Driven ITV Advertorial

by | 11th, May 2011

ARE the L’Oreal National Movie Awards the most dire and desperate awards in the business? The categories Must See Movie Of The Summer and One to Watch: Brits Going Global show that this is an awards do formed by the PR industry.

You can tell a lot about the calibre of an awards do by seeing if it is on ITV (if it is, it’s most likely crap) and the venue: it’s Wembley Arena, a place blessed with all the soulfulness of Simon Cowell sat on pile of gold licking his eyelids.

It’s is truly incredible that an industry full of creative talent and based on a desire to entertain can find such a dire location and produce a show so utterly hollow – one presented by Christine Bleakley, a woman who less talks than glistens.

That’s Bleakley from ITV’s pisspoor Daybreak, representing formulaic JLS, the band made on ITV’s X Factor, in a programme punctuated by nation’s sweetheart Cheryl Cole, also of ITV’s X Factor, telling us that she is “worth it“. What “it” is remains a moot point, but it might be custodial.

What we have is an ITV showcase wrapped around a film industry advertorial. Only worse.

Anyhow, here are the photos:


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Lewis Hamilton and Nicole Scherzinger during the 2011 National Movie Awards at Wembley Arena, London

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