Anorak News | Read This And Complain About Glee Spoilers As We Tell You Who Dies In It

Read This And Complain About Glee Spoilers As We Tell You Who Dies In It

by | 19th, May 2011

SPOILER ALERT! Hello Gleeks. Still getting over the news that your stupid favourite programme won’t be shown on free-to-air television anymore? You didn’t hear about it? You were probably buried in a series of joyless, android sung pop-covers with more harmonies that completely necessary.

Well, worse news is that someone is going to die in it.

Now, a while back, an extra from the show was fired for leaking news about a big death on the show and now, it has been revealed. Of course, we’re going to mention it here because we like to spoil the fun for simpering, snivelling jerks like you.

Wave goodbye to Sue Sylvester’s sister Jean.

The show, which aired in the US last night (and is called Funeral) showed the New Directions coming together to organise a service for Jean.

Of course, this gives Jane Lynch, who plays Sue, the chance to really do some acting (which she is more than capable of). She said that show producer, Ryan Murphy, asked her if she would be happy with the plot, going on with herself:

“He took me aside at a party and said, ‘I want your blessing on this before we move forward’. I said, ‘It sounds like a really great storyline’.”

“It’s the thing that will break Sue Sylvester’s heart and get to where she lives. People with Down’s syndrome rarely last past 30. Robin is 55. So this really hit home. Her sister is there with her all the time, Sharon. They have a very tight relationship. So it was very bittersweet.”

She added:

“The funeral was awful (to shoot) with the kids singing Pure Imagination. It was really rough and I will miss her very much. I love working with Robin!”

So there. Prepare either the hankies or the rage that someone like me has spoiled it all for you.

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