Anorak News | It Was Pimply Hacker-Heros Anonymous Who Really Freed Egypt!

It Was Pimply Hacker-Heros Anonymous Who Really Freed Egypt!

by | 21st, May 2011

THE hacker nerds Anonymous really are everybody’s favourite freedom fighters right now. Forget the fact that they are largely greasy-haired 19 year-olds fiddling with themselves in dark rooms in Oregon, some sections of the media have elevated them to the status of wavy-haired Che Gueveras. Those kids aren’t just watching tentacle porn! – They’re liberating oppressed peoples!
Al Jazeera got all gooey over the part Anonymous played in bringing democracy to Egypt. In an article explaining the hackers’ role in toppling Middle East tyrannies, they said:

Anonymous represent the untameable wild west of the web, a world where geeks teach the corrupt and powerful a lesson.”

AJ then detailed how Anonymous had given activists in Tunisia online “care packets” while launching attacks on government websites, and uh placing massive hoax pizza orders at the offices of the Tunisian embassy. Now that’s a revolution.
So uh – let’s just skim over those 100 million credit card details that went AWOL from Sony Playstation last month (Sony have fingered Anonymous) and that time they stuck porn scenes in kids shows on Youtube.
[Al Jazeera]

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