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White Tiger Spotted In Hampshire: Police Chopper Scrambled

by | 22nd, May 2011

DID you see the fabled white tiger of Hampshire? One local did. They spied the big cat through the zoom lens of their camera in a field near Hedge End, Southampton. The police were called. And when the police arrived they too saw the tiger.

A police support helicopter is summoned. Tiger experts from Marwell Zoo are placed on alert. There is talk of closing the M27 motorway. A game of cricket at the Rose Bowl between South Wiltshire and Hampshire Academy is stopped.

A police spokeswoman explains what then occurred:

“After a brief stalk through the Hedge End savannah, the officer realised the tiger was not moving and the air support using their cameras realised there was a lack of heat source.”


“The tiger then rolled over in the down draft and it was at that point it became obvious it was a stuffed life-size toy.”

What sicko has such a thing?

This incident will definitely be the highlight of our day. The CCTV footage convinced us all we were dealing with a real tiger.”

So. CCTV footage can lie?

“It’s not often an incident leaves our staff with a smile on their face and it just goes to show the diverse type of incident we are called to deal with.”

Yeah. That is exactly what we thought. Police using the chopper to spot a white tiger not moving in a Hampshire bush are advertising the diverse nature of wasting police time.

Meanwhile, reports of naked women standing in shop windows are exciting police in the Debenhams region…

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