Anorak News | Quite Obvious Former Smackhead, Bob Dylan, Admits He Used To Take Heroin

Quite Obvious Former Smackhead, Bob Dylan, Admits He Used To Take Heroin

by | 23rd, May 2011

TAKE one look at Bob Dylan – who just happens to be celebrating his 70th birthday tomorrow, despite looking and sounding like a 70 year old since around 1964 – and you think, there’s a man who used to like bags of heroin disappearing up his puny arms.

Even the photographs of him in his youth look like he was a smackhead. Of course he was! Just about every singer in the ’60s and ’70s was strung out on the horse at some point!

And now, in Earth shattering news, ol’ Zimmerman has finally admitted what everyone already assumed.

In an interview, unearthed by the BBC, which took place after a concert in March 1966 (that’s around the cry of ‘Judas!’ which wasn’t nearly as nasty or seismic as everyone claims), Dylan revealed revealed:

“I kicked a heroin habit in New York City.”

“I got very very strung out for a while. I mean really, very strung out. And I kicked the habit. I had about a $25 a day habit and I kicked it.”

Like all good bag-fiends and needy creative types, Dylan also confessed that he’d contemplated topping himself.

‘I’ll admit to having this suicidal thing. But I came through it this time.

‘Death to me is nothing…death to me means nothing as long as I can die fast. Many times I’ve known I could have been able to die fast, and I could easily have gone over and done it.’

If only he’d done it some time in the ’70s before his records became so pitifully unlistenable.


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American folk singer Bob Dylan as he sang to an audience numbering - according to some estimates - as many as 200,000 people at Woodside Bay, Isle of Wight.

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