Anorak News | Jedward To Team Up With Aerosmith, Which Is Completely Fine

Jedward To Team Up With Aerosmith, Which Is Completely Fine

by | 23rd, May 2011

JEDWARD are in grave danger of having their credibility ruined by teaming up with ageing rock testicles, Aerosmith. Well kinda. Not the whole of Aerosmith, but mainman, Steven Tyler, who is currently sat at home ironing his face in a trouser press.

Dr Seuss’ Thing A and Thing B come to life Jedward may be, but they’re putting all that Eurovision Song Contest thing behind them (unlike Blue who will be self-harming over the whole thing for decades yet) by looking forward to a duet with one of rock’s most unwilling to disappear.

It appears that the leaping twins of doom will be teaming up with withered balloon animal of RAWK to record a new version of Aerosmith’s Walk This Way, which no-one wanted or asked for.

A source says to no-one in particular (good thing we were listening in to their phone conversation with our special phone tapping machines):

“Jedward never thought someone like Steve would join forces with them and on such a massive song. But it looks likely to happen.”

We can only imagine the dampness of the excited gussets of the Grimes twins as they were told the news that Tyler was interested in singing with them.

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