Anorak News | Murdering Rabbits With Kindness And Guns

Murdering Rabbits With Kindness And Guns

by | 25th, May 2011


A Wanaka bar has taken to helping deal with Central Otago’s rabbit plague by offering half-price beer to patrons who bring in dead rabbits. Bullock Bar manager Margo Johnston said the bar would offer half-price jugs to anyone who brought in four rabbits. “Hopefully it will eradicate a few rabbits from Central Otago farmland,” she said.


Rabbits are one of Britain’s favourite pets, beaten into third place only by dogs and cats…A majority of the rabbit owners asked did not know what the correct diet for their pet was, and almost half didn’t know that rabbits needed space in which to exercise. The owners’ survey, commissioned by a group of animal welfare organisations including the RSPCA, found that 60% didn’t know that their pets were intelligent and social creatures that needed mental stimulation.

Most captured rabbits are turned into dog food…

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