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How To Make People Believe You In This Internet Age

by | 29th, May 2011

SOME handy advice on how to make people like you from an advertising executive. Rohit Bhargava of Ogilivy suggests that “being simple, human, brutally honest and emotional” is the way to get yourself liked in this modern world of Twitter.

Bhargava has just published a book Likeonomics where he tells us that the internet has plunged us into a era of confusion. The internet is full of people talking shit, everyone on Twitter goes mental over Justin Bieber and people just don’t believe things anymore. Specifically not things in adverts. It’s a believability crisis.

If ad-speak makes you feel retchy, look away now. His depressing solution to the “problem” is “Likeonomics”. It’s where you get people to like you so they will spend money on you.

I suppose it’s not really news that if people like your product they are more likely to buy it – but Bhargava says:

Likeonomics is a term that explains the new affinity economy where the most likeable people, ideas and organizations are the ones we believe in, buy from and get inspired by.”

And people like you if you are human, brutally honest etc etc. Expect future yoghurt adverts to be brutally honest. And expect this word to come up again. The future looks dark..

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