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Pippa Middleton Goes Courting In Paris: Photos

by | 1st, June 2011

WILL bikini-clad, topless stunna Pippa Middleton embrace the celebrity foisted on her by big sister Kate’s marriage to the future King?

Well, for the second time in a week, Pippa’s on the front page of the Daily Mail.

The headline thunders:


Mr Peugeot sounds a bit downmarket for out Pippa? Was Mr Leyland-Daf busy? Was young Master Lada at the shops?

Reading on we get more facts:

Sitting centre stage at the French Open on Monday, she appeared to be having a ball. And no wonder.

Now, correct us if we are wrong. But centre stage at the French Open tennis rubber usually features a racket and lots of grunting. Centre stage at any sporting events is traditionally not a few rows back in the seated area (notwithstanding rowing and cycling).

The Mail continues:

For Pippa Middleton was enjoying what those in the business like to call a ‘freebie’, courtesy of leading car firm Peugeot, which sponsors the Paris tennis tournament.

So that’s what businesses people call a free ticket? Journalists call it “research”.

Indeed so excited was the company at its coup that news of the younger Middleton sister’s arrival in the Roland Garros VIP enclosure was plastered over the competition’s official programme yesterday with the headline: ‘Pippa à Roland! Sensation!’

There is, however, not a single mention of Pippa on the official website. And that official programme is not so, the Mail is referring to is the daily pamphlet handed out to tennis fans.

As for Mr Peugeot and that date… Well, he is Xavier Peugeot, director of marketing and communications – and the great, great grandson of one of the original founders of the brand. And the date is book he gave her that records 200 years of the firm.

For this the Mail says Pippa is “wildly more ambitious” than sister Kate and could be “seen ‘cashing in’ on her sister’s new found celebrity”.

Pippa should worry. The Mail seems to be setting her up for endorsements:

Pippa could barely hide her delight as she watched the action through her Gucci sunglasses at Roland Garros.

That’s the Gucci deal sorted, Pippa. Only, when you get it look out for the Mail accusing you of what hacks in the business of spite calls freeloading…


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