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Cate Blanchett Saves The Planet As Only The Jet-Setting Rich Can

by | 1st, June 2011

CATE Blanchett is the eco-warring actress who says yes to the Australian carbon tax and yes to flying. Cate is one of the everyday rich Joes saying “yes” to a tax that will make things more expensive.

But away from the campaign that features the image of London’s Battersea Power Station belching out emissions – presumably hot air supplied by the marketing men at the latest product launch (the place hasn’t created power since the early 1980s) – Cate is jetting about the place, sometimes with her three carbon emitting kidzzz (at least one of whom was born in the Hospital of St John and St Elizabeth in St John’s Wood, London). She’s doing all she can:

“Everyone will benefit if we protect the environment. There is a societal cost of increased pollution and that’s what I’m passionate about as a mother, that’s where it gets me in the gut.”

As she thinks of humanity’s future…

‘’It’s in the mind of the artist the future is imagined. You say that loudly in this country, and you sound pretentious …”

…we think of hers:

Australian Blanchett, who picked up her statuette for The Aviator, stars as Lotte in Gross Und Klein by German playwright Botho Strauss in April.

That would be The Avatar – the electronic film touted about the globe in premiers and photo calls that tells the story of rich man who knew best and wanted to build a massive plane.

And about that play she’s flying into London to appear in:

“Like [Lewis] Carroll’s Alice, sometimes Lotte is too big for her surroundings and sometimes too small to be noticed within them,” said the Barbican’s description of what it called a “delicately surreal play”.

Life mirrors art, eh, readers…


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