Anorak News | Taliban now endorse TVs – what programmes won them over?

Taliban now endorse TVs – what programmes won them over?

by | 27th, February 2013

BETTER known for endorsing holy war and the death penalty for rape victims, the Taleban have taken to giving their stamp of approval to consumer electronic products. TV for example. Sadly the brand wasn’t specified – but we understand that¬†Mohammed Qalamuddin, the former head of the Taliban’s religious police, enjoys watching the TV and is fine if you do it too. The Guardian interviewed him on what the future holds.

‘”It would not be like before,” he told ¬†indicating the television, which he banned in 1998, in the corner of his own living room.’

Previously television, music and cinema had been banned under Taleban rule for being unIslamic, making the country a real nightmare for consumer technology advertisers. ¬†Police were liable to enter homes, smashing TV sets, satellite dishes, and ripping the tape out of VHS cassettes. According to the Associated Press, leaders said getting rid of distractions like TV and CD players left people with more “time to pray”. Endorsement now comes from the top as well – Osama bin Laden would watch CNN – back when he was still alive. And the organisation have always been nifty with the home videos.

We can only speculate what TV programmes won them over: Was it the debut of Made in Chelsea?

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