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Facebook Delete Unborn Baby

by | 3rd, June 2011

AMERICA is the last place you’d expect this to happen, what with all those groups banging on about The Rights Of The Unborn Child. But, it did, and Mark Zuckerberg is to blame. Facebook deleted the profile page of an UNBORN baby.

Marriah Greene’s Facebook profile was deleted without warning -despite her having 260 friends.  The blame really lies with her parents – let’s be honest – they thought that giving their embryo a Facebook page was the best way to update everyone of the process of her mum’s pregnancy.

Father Matt Greene told ABC news:

“We weren’t sure how to tell all our friends the baby was coming. We’d held off on telling people — we wanted to make sure everything was fine with the pregnancy. We thought the quickest way to tell everyone would be to use Facebook.”

If getting a friend request from an unborn embryo really is the quickest way to get the news of a birth out there, there’s probably some kind of communication failure going on.

Most crucially, they ignored the bit which says you need to be over 13 to start a Facebook profile.

It raises a bunch of moral issues though: is an embryo really a person?  If it has toenails, is it allowed to have a Facebook profile? We hope someone is thinking about the implications.

Facebook have got more aggressive about deleting profiles it suspects are rogue. Over the past few months that has included the profile of an American Kate Middleton and Mark Zuckerberg – the insurance salesman. Both real people, both share names with famouses, both fell on the wrong side of the law.

Though maybe in this particular case, someone at Facebook just got disgusted at how icky it had all become – the parents said their child was at the “university of tummy”. Get rid of it all now.

Spotter: International Business Times


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