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Claire Morris’s Killer Husband Owns Her Grave: Scottish Law Says His Tribute Cannot Be Changed

by | 3rd, June 2011

CLAIRE Webster was murdered by her husband Malcolm Webster. He burnt his wife to death in the family car, having first drugged her and crashed the vehicle to make it look like an accident. He tried the same method to murder his second wife.

Here is the timeline of events – it leads up to a pathetic episode of officialdom:

3 September 1993: Malcolm Webster marries Claire Morris at Aberdeen’s King’s College Chapel.

Early 1994: They have a car accent. The car rolls.

27/28 May 1994: Claire Morris dies in a crash on the Oldmeldrum to Auchenhuive road. Mrs Morris is 32. The car – a 4×4 – crashes into a tree. The car burns. She is trapped in the car. He escapes. The event is logged as an accident. Webster will get the life assurance money.

April 1997: Malcolm Webster marries Felicity Drumm in New Zealand.

12 February 1999: Felicity Drumm is involved in a car crash in Aukland. Medics find sedation drugs in her blood.

5 August 2004: Webster meets a nurse called Simone Banarjee. They are both working at a hospital in Oban, Argyll.

January 2008: The pairs are due to marry. Police get wind of it. They tell her he is married to Drumm.

28 March 2008: Police open an investigation into the death of Morris.

30 May 2008:

After the crash involving her, the 48-year-old failed to appear in court on a number of charges and is the subject of four warrants, which include arson and disabling or stupefying his victim.
That led to questions over the exact circumstances surrounding his first wife’s death.
A New Zealand Police spokesman said: “We can confirm that Malcolm John Webster is the subject of four warrants for his failure to appear in the North Shore District Court of New Zealand on July 13, 2000.

“He failed to appear at court and full warrants were issued. They are still live. Two of them are for arson, the third is for selling, giving, supplying or administering a drug and the fourth is for disabling or stupefying his victim, his then wife.

“The arson charges relate to a fire at the home of his then wife’s parents.”

2 February 2009: Malcolm Webster is charged with murdering Claire Morris.

1 February 2011: Webster’s trial begins at the High Court in Glasgow. He is charged with murdering his first wife, attempting to murder his second wife, and intending to bigamously marry third woman to gain access to her estate.

19 May 2011: Webster is found guilty.

Malcolm Webster is a calculating killer who murdered for money – he wanted their life assurance cash.

And the agony goesson.

On Claire Morris’s grave you can read Webster’s words to his “dear wife”. Her family want the words changed. But they need approval. Aberdeenshire Council says because Webster paid for the plot and the headstone, he owns them. This is in accordance with Scottish law.
Yeah, Scottish law – that thing Alex Salmond says it so righteous

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