Anorak News | Polar Bear Made From Ice Proves Global Warming Is Natural

Polar Bear Made From Ice Proves Global Warming Is Natural

by | 4th, June 2011

POLAR Bear Watch: Anorak’s occassional look at polar bears being used to advertsie global warming in the media. Today we see the frozen bear ice sculpture of Sydney – the one that cost local taxpayers $10,000 to create from water and wind-powered freezers.

A ten tonne polar bear camping out at Sydney’s majestic Circular Quay isn’t likely to survive for more than a day or two. The bear, made of solid ice, will slowly melt into a great puddle of water under Sydney’s 20°C winter sun, and sculptor Mark Coreth is just fine with that.

In fact, he hopes this slow and painful “death” will remind people of the plight of the real thing …

“Sitting in the sun, it’s going to melt that bear, that’s the natural warming of the planet, as is happening,” he said.

Others may just sip their drinks and watch the ice melt in the glass. For no extra fee, you can pick up the ice in your glass and crunch it. The polar bear is more picky about who gets close:

Bypassers can pay $2 to touch the creature, feeling “the ice melting under your hand,” said Coreth, who hopes to raise awareness about global warming and its effect on polar bears, an endangered species.

If global warming is natural, what can people do to change the weather and top ice from melting..? Answer: pay.

Spotter: Tim Blair

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