Anorak News | Manchester United’s Ryan Giggs Had ‘Sex’ With Sister-In Law Natasha: Imogen Thomas Might Weep

Manchester United’s Ryan Giggs Had ‘Sex’ With Sister-In Law Natasha: Imogen Thomas Might Weep

by | 5th, June 2011

RYAN Giggs had an eight-year-affair with his brother’s wife, one Natasha Giggs? The News of The World makes the claim on its front page.

If true, this is hard luck on Imogen Thomas, who was the only woman other than Giggs’ wife who had shagged the married family man. Now, we learn that Imogen is, allegedly, no longer unique. And – more cruelly – she wasn’t even the first. That’s important. As any Manchester United fan will attest, no-one remembers who came second.

But why is Natasha telling all now? A source tells us that she told them:

“I’d rather people knew exactly what happened between me and Ryan rather than them listening to hearsay and gossip… My eldest son is now also at an age where he can read and if he’s going to see things and hear things, it’s important he knows the truth.”

Got that? Whereas Ryan Giggs wanted to protect his kids by concealing the alleged truth of his extra-martial affair, his sister in law wants to protect her kids by talking about her extra-marital shags with the Manchester United player in the tabloids.

The NoTW claims that Giggs shagged his sister in law Natasha right up to April 9, 2011. She tells the paper:

“It’s important to me that everybody knows about what really happened rather than believing rumours. Ryan and I have already had an affair for eight years. What’s to say it wouldn’t have carried on for another eight years? It’s a terrible secret I’ve had to keep for too long now.”

Rhodri Giggs is Ryan’s younger brother. He told us:

“We were typical brothers growing up. I even became a Liverpool fan just to wind Ryan up.”

He’s played football for Torquay, Bangor City, Aberystwyth Town and Livingston. He’s the part-time manager of Salford City in the Evo-Stik First Division North. He earns his crust working as a van driver. In 2006, Rhodri told us:

Rhodri Giggs chuckles mischievously at the suggestion he would ever pretend to be his brother to attract the ladies.

“Maybe,” he says. “Or I got my mates to do it. It worked most of the time as well!”

Today we learn that his wife was, allegedly, shagging Ryan at Manchester’s Radisson Edwardian and The Lowry hotels. Was this also a case of mistaken identity? Does one R. Giggs look much like another R Giggs?

Is one Giggs very much like another Giggs to the NoTW? The younger Giggs was once the target of a NoTW story:

Rhodri Giggs, 22, the brother of Ryan Giggs, was acquitted of supplying drugs at a Manchester nightclub after the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) offered no evidence.

David Friesner, for the prosecution, told the Crown Court in Manchester that the CPS had serious concerns over evidence relating to tape recorded and telephone conversations between Mr Giggs and the News of the World.

Mr Friesner said that the Crown could not now resist the defence’s application to exclude this evidence.

Judge Stuart Fish formally acquitted Mr Giggs, then asked whether charges of inciting to supply drugs and illegal possession had been considered against the reporter, Mazher Mahmood.

The story went:

Mr Giggs was arrested in October after being accused by the News of the World of supplying cocaine to an undercover reporter. After the case, he said that he was considering suing the newspaper, alleging that he was the victim of a “set up”.

Next to the article published last April headlined “Giggsy’s brother peddles cocaine and vice”, Mr Giggs was pictured posing with his brother, Ryan, and Mr Mahmood, the newspaper’s investigations editor, outside the £16m Marriot Hotel and Country Club in Worsley, Greater Manchester.

Is anyone fair game for the tabloids so long as they are related to someone famous?

And so to today’s story in the NoTW:

She explained to her chum: “There were a couple of occasions where we’d meet up for sex at flats which were up for renting. The first place we used was in a really bad area and was really horrible inside. It didn’t even have any furniture. I didn’t think Ryan would come up but he did. The second flat was much nicer. Ryan would arrange to meet me early at my work – he’d pass on his way to training at Carrington.”

Couldn’t he afford a weekend away or a secret shag pad in London, say?

She explained to her chum: “The only time I ever asked for help with money I needed £700. But when he turned up he only gave me £500 cash saying that’s all he could get out of the bank. Even when we went out he rarely bought a round.

“Another time he asked me to book us a room at the Lowry and told me to go out and buy myself a sexy outfit. He told me he’d pay me back when he saw me. I spent £165 at Agent Provocateur and almost the same again for the room – which was a lot for me. But he never paid me back and I’d never dream of asking for it.”

But she will mention it to the Sunday tabloids. But why is she talking now? You might enjoy this:

On April 9 they met for the final time at one of the rental apartments. Six days later, gossip about Giggs’ affair with Imogen began to circulate…

On the day Manchester United lost their FA Cup semi-final to rivals Manchester City, Natasha texted Giggs to ask if he was the player involved with Imogen. He replied: “No way. It’s not me.”

Later, as the whispers began to spread like wildfire across the internet, she texted him again, asking: “I’m still hearing rumours. Are they true?” Giggs’ deceitful reply was: “No, I’m hearing them too. It’s a joke”…

Despite all Giggs’ denials, by May 2 Natasha was convinced he HAD slept with Imogen. In fury she sent him a text reading: “I know u may not have any loyalties towards me n my feelings, that’s fine. . . now I no longer have any loyalties to u!

“I know we have both been capable and guilty of telling lies over the years but the crap you’ve fed me over the last few weeks especially is laughable. I really do not deserve to be treated like a mug!

“Any kind of feelings or respect I may have had for u disappeared when I realized how much u have manipulated me! You’re an idiot!”

Giggs replied coldly: “What the f**** u going on about? This has been the worst 2 weeks of my life!!!”

And on she goes:

Natasha told her pal: “His response was completely selfish. But then I’ve discovered that Ryan only ever thinks about himself. I honestly thought he felt a lot about me and respected me – but clearly he didn’t. Our relationship was just about sex for him.”

What it was about for her seems moot point? It wasn’t about the money – she has told a source who told us that. Was it about the free tickets and shirts? We are soon told:

Last night she confessed to a pal: “It’s the worst possible betrayal. Ryan was never romantic to me. He never told me he loved me. It was all about sex.”

They were well matched, then?

“When I found out he was cheating with Imogen too I was really hurt. I know that sounds strange but he wasn’t just cheating on Stacey, he was cheating on me too.”

She adds, damningly:

“I watched the Champions League Final at a friend’s house last Saturday and I was cheering for Barcelona.”

You can hurt you wife, Ryan. You can hurt your kids, Ryan. You can hurt a topless model who appeared on Big Bother, Ryan. But if you hurt Manchester United by losing them fans, Alex Ferguson and his paymasters will be upset.

As the paper says:

Right now millions of Man United fans are feeling sick with outrage.

That goal against Arsenal in the 1999 FA Cup semi-final counts for nothing because Ryan shagged his brother’s wife, allegedly. Can it be scratched from the record books? Can all mention of Giggs’ name in official club literature be replaced by the words “A. Player”?

The paper recalls a quote:

His manager Sir Alex Ferguson wrote the foreword to his star’s autobiography, saying: “How I’d love to adorn my team sheet with the words ‘Sir Ryan Giggs’.”

Well, if it turns him on, you can call the player what you like…


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