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Carlos Tevez Can’t See The Sea In Manchester City

by | 6th, June 2011

CAN Manchester City star Carlos Tevez’s words be adapted, mistranslated and corrupted to tells a story that Manchester is crap and he will never return? Yes.

The Sunday Mirror gave us the headline:

Tevez: I’m never going back to Manchester

Tevez said that while he was in Argentina. The headline gives us reason to think that he will never again play for City.

The paper went on to quote him:

“Yes but Marbella is different from Manchester. You can buy a holiday house in Marbella, but I’m never going back to Manchester, not even on holiday, not for anything.”

Or as he actually said:

“When I finish my contract I will not return to Manchester ever – not even on holiday.”


“For example in Marbella you can buy a house by the beach, relax there and later you can go there on holiday and everything. But a house in Manchester?”

A house in Manchester is less close to the sea. He’s right – there is no beach in Manchester.  Fact!

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