Anorak News | Cameron Fights Sexualisation Of Children: Places Sun And Mail On Top Shelf?

Cameron Fights Sexualisation Of Children: Places Sun And Mail On Top Shelf?

by | 6th, June 2011

LIB Dem Minister Sarah Teather today watched footage of a Katy Perry music video. Sarah wants to curb the sexualisation of children in this brave new world.

David Cameron commissioned a report, which was prepared by Reg Bailey, the chief executive of the Christian charity Mothers’ Union. The report says “sexualised and gender stereotyped clothing, products and services for children are the biggest concerns for parents and many non-commercial organisations“.

If Cameron ever needed a cause to win votes and mums, he just found it. And  – yep – that is David Cameron who writes for the Sun, that champion of topless stunnas and shag ‘n’ tells. Will that paper be placed out of the reach of tiny hands?

The Daily Mail is all for it. It’s even taken patronage of the whole thing:

Throwing his weight behind the Mail’s campaign to stem the tide of sexualised content confronting families, the Premier called for the immediate creation of a website where parents can complain about inappropriate material.

With no hint of irony, the Daily Mail – sold at ankle-level in newsagents – illustrates its camping with a photo of Christina Aguilera’s cleavage and bum, and Rihanna pulling up her boob tube.

Cameron will call on an enforcement of the 9pm watershed for sexual and violent content; lad’s mags to be displayed above eye level and their covers secreted by a modesty wrapper; no sexy ads to be placed near schools and nurseries or other areas where children are likely to view it; cinema-style age rating for music videos; Making it easier for parents to block age restricted material on the internet.

It’s all about choice – or censorship?

Image: A screen grab from today’s Daily Mail.




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