Anorak News | Paris Hilton Pulls Back Her Curtains: Photos And Mum’s Doggy Socks

Paris Hilton Pulls Back Her Curtains: Photos And Mum’s Doggy Socks

by | 7th, June 2011

“I COOK – I’m a good cook.” That, says Hello!, is just one of the “surprise confessions” that Paris Hilton wants to unburden herself from.

The magazine is meeting with Paris’s mum and dad, Kathy and Rick Hilton, as they shop for things in London.

But where is Paris Hilton? It’s a question few can answer. What is Paris Hilton? Again, it’s hard to define. Who is Paris Hilton? We could go on. But Kathy is keen to take hold of the debate:

It’s more a question of “why not?” than “why?”

So. Kathy will star in Paris’s new TV product, a TV show called The World According To Paris.

When “they” came to Paris with the idea for this show – and how do they think up those titles let alone the content? – Paris mused:

“I think I am ready to do a show where I take the curtain back.”

And raise the pelmets, hoist up the blinds, yank apart the drapes and do something with a curtain pole that you can catch in episode 6, or if you can’t wait that long, Scottish Pete’s Thai dance club in Phuket.

In a smart hotel, Kathy sits on an armchair “with a wrap around her shoulders and wearing socks featuring a chihuahua’s face.”

Look, Kathy, we have accepted your daughter placing a small dog in a handbag, as is Paris’s wont, but using an a chihuahua a sock is too much. You might be rich, but you can lack class, or a decent pair of kitten slippers to place your socks within. Think on.

Says Kathy:

“I am Paris’s toughest critic.”

Well, if mum tells you you’re a vapid slapper with a celebrity based on a porn video, recreational drugs and your famous surname (No.2 for rented rooms!), we will neither blush nor contest the opinion. After all, mum knows best.


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