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Madeleine McCann And The Psychic Mass Murderer Of Liberty Texas

by | 9th, June 2011

LEO Hickman wants to know the answer to this question: “Do the police use psychics to help them?”

He asks in light of a psychic who told police in Liberty, Texas, that 30 bodies – men, woman and – oh, dear god – children – were buried in a pit.

The media went nuts. The AFP even spotted the actual blood and guts:

Texas police, acting on a tip-off, Tuesday found a mass grave containing “a lot of bodies,” including the corpses of children, US media reported.

The Liberty County sheriff’s office was combing the area after being told 25 to 30 dismembered bodies, many of them possibly children, were buried outside a house at the intersection of two roads, the Houston Chronicle said. “A lot of bodies” had been found on a property in Hardin, Texas about 50 miles (31 kilometers) northeast of Houston, a law enforcement source told CBS television.

Only, there were not bodies.

You could hear the wails of disappointment at the world’s news desks. Texas plus bodies equals news – lovely blood-soaked news.

Back to Hickman:

The story poses a question that has long hung over the police: do they ever use psychics to assist them? The routine answer has always been “no” and there seems to be little evidence that they do. But, as this week’s case shows, the police are routinely contacted by psychics offering leads, especially during high-profile cases, and sometimes act on the information.

We know. Can you think of one such case..?

In 2007, for example, Portuguese police said they were following up on leads offered by local psychics in the hunt for Madeleine McCann and had two dossiers of apparent visions and sightings of Madeleine.

Apparent visions… Take Brian’s Predictions. In his Top Ten Dreams, the number one dream is of Our Maddie:

Dream Drawing early morning on May 3rd, 2007.

I was not aware that Madeleine was about to go missing nor was I informed of this until May 5th, 2007.


The Sun reported:

Kate McCann had a haunting premonition about the holiday on which daughter Madeleine went missing. She told a close pal before the trip had been booked: “I don’t know why, I’ve just got an uneasy feeling about it.”

In 2008, US TV was on the case.The Express conjured words from dreams and a chat with Maddie:

Executives at Tru TV, part of media tycoon Ted Turner’s CNN network, which makes the Haunting Evidence programme, passed the apartment address to police but withheld it from transmission.

The psychics say she was murdered there by being smothered by a pillow several days after her abduction because the man feared he would be caught.

Ms Baron believes the man then bundled her into the boot of his car and drove to a remote area, close to a landfill and man-made dam, where he buried her. This location has also been passed to police.

The FBI takes psychic evidence seriously and all three members of the Haunting Evidence team have been used in major criminal investigations.

There was the psychic Barber, again in the Express:

“HAIR-RAISING TRUTH ABOUT THE PSYCHIC BARBER – During the day Gordon Smith cuts hair, at night he claims he communes with the spirits. So does he really think he can help the McCanns find Madeleine?”

The Sun had already told us:

“Mystics hunt for Maddie.”

Around 150 leads provided by mystics have been followed up.

“ASK PSYCHIC BARBER TO HELP FIND MADDIE” – Clairvoyant Gordon Smith has been contacted by the family. Smith hosts TV’s Most Haunted show. He says he can tell if Madeleine is alive or dead. Mick is nicknamed “THE PSYCHIC BARBER”.

Says Hickman:

In 2006, a group called UK Sceptics formally asked every police force if they had ever used a psychic. All the replies were a predictable “no” – except one. The Metropolitan Police admitted that in one case in 1965 a psychic had “played a major part”. A 37-year-old haulage operator called Thomas “Ginger” Marks had mysteriously disappeared and Freddie Foreman, a gangster who worked for the Krays, was acquitted of the murder in 1975. But in 2000 he admitted the killing and that Marks’s body had been thrown in the sea.

The psychic’s involvement is still unclear, but the Met say the case records are stored at the national archives in Kew. All that we know, beyond Foreman’s confession, is that no body was ever found and the case is still officially “unsolved”.

So. The psychic was a huge help, then. Maybe they should get a job as a reporter…

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