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Marquess Of Bath’s Wiflets Fight Over Leather Skirts And Bedding Rights

by | 12th, June 2011

THE wifelets to the Marquess of Bath have been rowing over who would sleep with him. To the petting zoo at Longleat House, Wiltshire, where one woman, allegedly, has suffered a suspected broken nose and cut eye.

The allegation is that the toff told the women: ‘You sort it out, I’m going to bed’.”

They then, reportedly, entered into a heated debate.In the course of battle, the 45-year-old woman is alleged to have struck the 62-year-old.

Mandrake enlarges:

Now, however, Amanda Doyle, who has been a companion of the “Loins of Longleat” for more than 10 years, has stepped forward to tell Mandrake: “It was just a catfight between two ladies.”

Doyle, a 45-year-old Irish singer, claims that in the opposite corner was Trudie Juggernauth-Sharma, 51.

Is the ‘Wife of Bath’ 51 with the look of a 61-year-old?

She accuses the willowy Juggernauth-Sharma of provoking the altercation by claiming that if Doyle was pregnant by Lord Bath, “it must have been by an immaculate conception”.

Doyle, who has a daughter from a previous relationship, replied: “Well, how’s that, when it’s IVF?” She says a physical confrontation then ensued. “I pushed out my hand to stop her,” the singer claims. “She’s jealous because I’ve been through 10 years of IVF with Alexander.”

She accuses Juggernauth-Sharma, who called the police, of trying to bring another mistress into the Wiltshire love nest, causing friction between the rivals for the affections of Lord Bath…

Juggernauth-Sharma, a nurse, who is believed to be Bath’s wifelet No 68, could not be reached for comment. However, she spoke of her rivalry with Doyle in 2008. “I was in bed with flu and Alexander was watching television when she waltzed in at 2.30am wearing a full-length leather skirt,” she said. “I was not impressed.”

Indeed, the correct time for ladies to wear long leather skirts is at 4:30 pm when taking Tiffin…

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