Anorak News | Jesus Found On Restaurant Wall: Mohamed Opts For Take Away With Keith Chegwin

Jesus Found On Restaurant Wall: Mohamed Opts For Take Away With Keith Chegwin

by | 13th, June 2011

CAN you see Jesus on the wall of Alex Tadros and Scott Diehl’s Tadros’ Martins Creek Inn restaurant in Lower Mount Bethel Township, PA?

Diehl has just painted the walls using a sponge technique. He looks at his work of wonders. Tadros approaches and tells us:

“One of [my friends] said, ‘You have something on the wall. The other one says, ‘It looks like Jesus.'”

It’s not a wall – it’s the Turin Shroud:

“The eyes, the nose, the chin, the hair, the beard… When I saw it, I thought, ‘I’ve seen this picture.”

Tadros is a Christian. But you do not have to be one to see Jesus watching you eat at the… What’s the name of that place again? Why, it’s funny you ask, it’s the Martins Creek Inn. Did you says Martin Creek Inn – where Jesus eats? Why, yes…

Note: Old Mr Anorak has, as you know, just opened his own eatery – Le Cagoul Auberge. When decorating it, using that godly sponge technique, our patron noted the likeness of Mohamed on the wall, the fabled Muslim Prophet. Knowing that it would not pan out well with the marketing department (based in New Kabul), he decided to pass it off as Keith Chegwin, the children’s entrainer. Everyone agrees that the likeness is uncanny…


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JESUS of The Day belongs to young Austin Coleman, of Phoenix, Arizona. He found Jesus on his thumbprint. Says he: “I got a little freaked out.” Can you cope with the wonder...


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