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Daily Mail Turns On The Thought Police It Supports

by | 13th, June 2011

SHIRLEY Brown is a “convicted racist”. Bristol Magistrates Court found her guilty of “racially aggravated harassment“. The woman was operating as a Liberal Democrat councillor when she called Conservative councillor Jay Jethwa a “coconut“.

The Mail delivers a sympathetic piece on Brown. It spots an Asian woman saying that Brown did not deserve to be labelled a racist. The Mail says a “track record of working to help ethnic communities in Bristol stretching back decades and is an ordained Pentecostal minister“.

Brown says:

“…I feel that something has gone very wrong in this country when political correctness comes ahead of basic common sense.”

And so to the best bit of Polly Dunbar’s story:

The ‘coconut’ hate crime investigation that shows NOBODY can escape Britain’s Thought Police.

Er, no. The thought police look at thoughts. Brown said the offensive word aloud. And if the thought police are so awful, why does the Mail rail against saucy dance routines on the telly and downloading porn? You didn’t make the stuff – you’re just looking at it, lost in your thoughts…

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