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Madeleine McCann: Kate McCann Is Media’s Spokesperson For All Missing Children At Commons Inquiry

by | 13th, June 2011

MADELEINE McCANN: To the Parliamentary inquiry into missing persons at the House of Commons in London, where Kate McCann is  in attendee. So too are Nicki Durban, mother of missing Luke Durbin, and Sarah Godwin, mother of missing Quentin Godwin.

The news media reports. Can the media make mention of any other missing children, other than Our Maddie? OIr will it focus on the benchmark of all missing children? “Kate McCann: Families with missing children are left in dark”

“If your house is burgled you are automatically offered victim support with emotional, practical and legal assistance. If your child goes missing you may get nothing.”


London Evening Standard: “Kate McCann tells ministers: we must do more to help families of missing people”

MSN: “Aid plea for families of missing people”

The article makes no mention of any missing child other than Madeleine McCann.

MEN: “Mother of Madeleine McCann backs Manchester charity in lost kids plea”

Jennifer Williams makes not one mention of any other missing child.

Metro: “Missing Madeleine McCann ‘more likely to be found now’, says Kate”

Asking the government to provide more support for families dealing with a missing child, Kate said: ‘To be left in the dark when your child is missing and at risk is unbearable …”

Sky: “McCann In Plea For Families Of The Missing”

Kate McCann is the face of bereft parenthood.

Telegraph: John Bingham focuses on the benchmark of missing children:

Kate McCann told MPs that she felt “totally out of control” and “unable to function” in the days after the disappearance of her three-year-old daughter on holiday in Portugal in 2007.

The Sun: “Kate McCann calls on MPs to support families of missing”

The paper makes 12 mentions of the McCanns and their missing daughter. All other missing children get 4 mentions.


Only Kate McCann is mention in the story. No other missing child or parent is mentioned.

Local news takes a local angle:

East Anglia Daily News: “UK: Mother of missing Luke Durbin joins Kate McCann in call for support”

Nicki Durbin, from Hollesley, spoke to a committee of MPs as part of a campaign to secure greater support for the families of missing people. Ms Durbin, whose son Luke vanished after a night out in Ipswich in 2006, was joined at the inquiry by Kate McCann, mother of missing youngster Madeleine McCann.

Norther Echo: “Peter Lawrence to give evidence at Parliamentary inquiry”

THE tragedy of Claudia Lawrence, the university chef who disappeared more than two years ago, could ultimately help the families of other missing people. Her father Peter will this week be giving evidence to a Parliamentary inquiry examining the plight families are left in when a loved one disappears. Mr Lawrence, a solicitor from Slingsby, near Malton, North Yorkshire, will attend the inquiry at Westminster on Thursday when he will address the issue of whether a system of legal guardianship could help families manage a missing relatives practical affairs.

Liverpool Echo: “Kate McCann claims chances of Madeleine being found are improving after Scotland Yard were called in”

Liverpool-born Mrs McCann, 43, said grieving families should not be left to search for their loved ones alone. Calling for the Government to improve support, she said there was “currently no legislation to protect missing people and their families left behind”.

But the media can broadcast any appeals and help – if it can look beyond Kate MccCnn…


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Kate McCann (centre), mother of Madeleine McCann who went missing in 2007 in Portugal arrives at a parliamentary inquiry into missing persons along with Nicki Durban (right) mother of missing Luke Durbin and Sarah Godwin (left) mother of missing Quentin Godwin, at the House of Commons in London.

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