Anorak News | ‘Pregnant’ Natasha Giggs Shows Off Her ‘Mummy Tummy’ – Daily Star Stretches Truth Over Ryan Giggs

‘Pregnant’ Natasha Giggs Shows Off Her ‘Mummy Tummy’ – Daily Star Stretches Truth Over Ryan Giggs

by | 16th, June 2011

RYAN Giggs has now been on the front peg of the Daily Star for NINE days running. tidy readers are trotted to the headline:



“Rhodri’s wife is back to face music but who’s the daddy?”

Rhodri Giggs’ wife is Natasha Giggs, who has been talking to the Sun and News of The World, claiming to have had sex with Manchester United’s Ryan Giggs for years. The Star bills her below her husband, perhaps in the hope of bigging up the former Torquay United player and standing a better chance of securing his signature for interview.

As for the news of that pregnancy of the girl form Walkden, Gtr Manchester, well…

RYAN Giggs was in shock last night after his sister-in-law lover flew home proudly sporting a mummy tummy.

She’s got love handles and stretch marks?

One onlooker said: “The terminal was buzzing with talk that Natasha is pregnant again. She might just have been comfort-eating but if she is expecting, it will be yet another nightmare for Giggsy.”

As for the facts, well, Natasha was on Facebook, telling us:

“Natasha Giggs is back!! If you don’t like it you know where the ‘unfriend’ button is.”

She exists only virtually. Click “unfriend” and she is gone, leaving behind only a pair of red slippers and small stain on the sheets. She adds:

“Once a good girl’s gone bad she’s gone forever.”

Natasha Giggs is now talking in Nuts magazine headlines. This girl could go far…


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