Anorak News | Ryan Giggs, Anal Sex And Natasha Giggs’ ‘Ring ‘n’ Ride’ Bum Photo

Ryan Giggs, Anal Sex And Natasha Giggs’ ‘Ring ‘n’ Ride’ Bum Photo

by | 18th, June 2011

RYAN Giggs has now been on the Daily Star’s front page for 11 straight days. In the Daily Giggs – the official Manchester United newspaper – today we learn:

“I dressed as french maid for sex with Giggs”

Given the allegations of hotel room sex with Natasha Giggs and Imogen Thomas, you might suppose the French maid was an actual French maid on work experience. It tuns out that the maid is Natasha Giggs, and she “donned a pink frilly micro-skirt and black G-string with white spots to thrill him“.

(If French banker Dominique Strauss-Kahn needs a decent defence to explains how he came to be accused of attempting to rape a New York chambermaid, this might be it. It’s not sexual, your honour, it’s cultural. French maids just do it differently, the dusting being a prelude to shagging.)

As ever, we get an unnamed source to tells us what happened:

“It has to be said that Tasha has one hell of a tush. Which red-blooded male could possibly resist that?”

We’ve put that question to at the aforesaid Mr Strauss-Khan and are awaking his response. We’ve also asked Tony Blair, the Dalai Lama, Tim Henman, Terry Waite, Peter Sutcliffe and the Manchester City youth academy. We’ll have the answers soon enough.

The source adds about a photo of a bottom:

“Ryan would have been putty in her hands. Most people who’ve seen the snap reckon it’s some supermodel. But it’s 100% Tash. She’s proud of her bum and who wouldn’t be. It’s one of the best around.”

That might be pun. As might this be:

Ryan Giggs was not the only one captivated by the sexy estate agent’s rear. Natasha has also claimed to have had flings with three of Ryan’s ex-United team-mates. Dwight Yorke, 39, Danny Simpson, 24, and Phil Bardsley, 25, are reported to have nicknamed her Ring ’n’ Ride.

Ring and ride? Are we now delving to the bottom of anal sex? Have we now reached the arena labelled “too much information”?


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