Anorak News | Obama Will Do His Own Tweets – Party Warns Him Not To Twitpic His Erections

Obama Will Do His Own Tweets – Party Warns Him Not To Twitpic His Erections

by | 19th, June 2011

NOW that he needs the votes, Barack Obama is promising to tweet more – himself. After a long period where even the underlings hired to tweet for his official account seemed to get bored by their own copied-and-pasted press releases, Obama is back on the social media warpath and is going to tell us some stuff, on Twitter.

While his speeches were widely admired, the Obama tweets – and Facebook updates – have been much less than inspiring. In fact, they’ve been really dull. Will Obama himself really manage to liven them up?

At a meeting with some Facebook execs I attended back in 2010, one Facebook staffer¬†used Barack as an example of a celebrity who used his Facebook page in a really boring way. Lady Gaga was an example of someone who used it really well – a gal who couldn’t be boring if she tried. At the time, the most interacted with piece of content on Obama’s wall was a picture of his dog. All this stuff pasted straight from the official press releases left us feeling bored, cold and longing for a twitpic of someone’s cock just to liven the whole damn thing up.

You can tell the tweet is from him because he’ll sign it off “-BO”. Apparently Democrats tweet a lot less than their Republican counterparts, but obviously when they do, it tends to have a higher impact.

Hopefully Barack’s way with words will liven the stream up a bit. Or perhaps he’ll zip out some saucy twitpics in the manner of his Democratic ¬†colleague Anthony Wiener.


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