Anorak News | Trolls Attack Owen Wightman’s Parents Over His Hit-And-Run Death

Trolls Attack Owen Wightman’s Parents Over His Hit-And-Run Death

by | 20th, June 2011

THE death of six-year-old Owen Wightman in Wakefield moves from the accidentual to the callous. The driver who hit the boy as he crossed the road drove on a short distance then got out of his vehicle to cheeks it for damage. He then got bak in and drove away. Well, so a witness says…

On the web, the ghouls are blaming the parents:

Six years old? Playing soldiers? On the road? Without an adult present? Sorry, the parents are just as horrible as the git who ran the boy over. Who in their right mind, would let a six year old loose on their own? – daddy 66

My heart goes out to the boy but this is about parenting.- Kablamo

And in the Mail:

One question for the parents: Why did you allow your 6 year-old to cross the road by himself? As a father I would NEVER do anything so stupid. – Chris, Sutton Coldfield,

Touching stuff… That question to you, stupid, grieving parents…


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A general view of the scene of a hit-and-run incident in Wakefield, West Yorkshire, where six-year-old Owen Wightman was killed.

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