Anorak News | La Toya Jackson Claims That Michael Was Murdered Like A Mad Conspiracy Theorist (Photos)

La Toya Jackson Claims That Michael Was Murdered Like A Mad Conspiracy Theorist (Photos)

by | 21st, June 2011

MURDER! That’s what Officer La Toya Jackson is crying at the moment about the untimely passing of her very dead brother, Michael Jackson.

What would make her say such a thing? A quest for the truth? Or is it to promote her new new autobiography, ‘Starting Over’? We don’t need to answer that do we? So what is La Toya ‘David Icke’ Jackson claiming then? Bizarrely, she seems to be suggesting that he was murdered for his music catalogue.

La Toya says that Michael feared that there were people who wanted him dead so they could steal his music estate.

She says, that he said:

“I could never perform again, because I know they’re going to kill me”

(Who – the critics?) When pressed, unsurprisingly, La Toya was vague:

“Everyone that surrounded that and was involved in that.”

“When you read the book and read between the lines … Michael led you to that. To what was going to happen. When you read the book you understand completely”

So basically, read the book. The book has the answers. Only the book. Right? Want the truth? The book, the book, the book, the book… oh wait… we could just wait for some sap to read it, share quotes from it online and we’ll all steal it in the name of ‘reporting’.

So what about Dr. Conrad Murray? Did he not flood the singer with propofol? Well, La Toya thinks that Murray is a ‘fall guy’ for the whole conspiracy to have MJ killed.

La Toya doesn’t exactly have a good record when it comes to keeping her word, having backed out of a striptease in the ’90s which caused riots and not to mention her slowly backing away from her statement when she said she actually did think that Michael sexually abused children.

Probably best to treat these claims with all the salt in the universe.


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