Anorak News | Ryan Cleary – The Hackers Hacker: Everything You Need To Know About Alleged LulzSec Hacker (Photos)

Ryan Cleary – The Hackers Hacker: Everything You Need To Know About Alleged LulzSec Hacker (Photos)

by | 21st, June 2011

RYAN CLEARY has been arrested at a property on South Beech Avenue, Wickford, Essex. The 19-year-old has been pinched as as part of a Scotland Yard and FBI probe into LulzSec, a group claiming responsibility for hacking attempts on the UK’s Serious Organised Crime Agency, the US Senate and the CIA.

In May 2011, Cleary was named by The ‘Anonymous’ as the person responsible for breaching two of its own sites. He was, allegedly the hacker who hacked the hackers.

A post on the AnonOps site went:

“We regret to inform you today that our network has been compromised by a former IRC-operator and fellow helper named ‘Ryan’. He decided that he didn’t like the leaderless command structure that AnonOps network admins use. So he organised a coup d’etat.”

A coup d’etat? Every so often you realise that behind the genius and the plotting are teenagers with big ideas.

Writes Anna:

LulzSec in partnership with Anonymous have declared a widespread operation against governments called #AntiSec. This statement was put in pastebin, and has been tweeted by the official LulzSec account so we believe it to be genuine:

“Top priority is to steal and leak any classified government information, including email spools and documentation. Prime targets are banks and other high-ranking establishments. If they try to censor our progress, we will obliterate the censor with cannonfire anointed with lizard blood.”

Cleary told the website Thinq.

“The only way to make things safe is to make users aware how insecure it is.”

In 2008, Mike Abundo claimed:

Ryan Cleary alias “ViraL”, one of the hackers who conspired to take down 4chan with a DDoS, recently threatened to DDoS my blog unless I complied with his demands.

I have not complied with his demands. I do not negotiate with extortionists.

My blog just recovered from a DDoS attack. Ryan Cleary is now a felon twice over.

Is Cleary popular..?

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