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Vegetarian And Contrarian Morrissey Likes Lady GaGa’s Meat Dress

by | 22nd, June 2011

MORRISSEY is, as you may have guessed by his constant bleating, a vegetarian. He’s so staunchly vegetarian that he actually makes people decided to eat only meat, just on the off-chance it could irritate him. Constant haranguing never stopped people from doing what they do, rather, only provokes them to do more as an act of snidery.

Mozza has, in the past, walked out on shows because the smell of festival burger vans was making him feel sick, which is a bit rich when you consider that the overriding smell of a festival is faeces and badly rolled joints.

However, it would appear that the former Smiths man isn’t totally opposed to the slaughter of animals. If you kill an animal to eat it, that’s bad, but if you do it for something as pointless as, say, art, then that is absolutely fine.

See, talking about Lady GaGa’s ‘meat dress’ stunt, Morrissey has insisted that it’s fine to wear animal flesh as a “social and political statement”.

“The meat dress was first done by Linder Sterling… in 1982, and she did it as a protest at men seeing female flesh as meat. I don’t know whether that came across with Lady Gaga.

“I think people didn’t question it too deeply – they simply saw it as ‘today’s loony idea’. But I like to assume that Gaga had the same notion. If it’s a social and political statement, it’s acceptable. If it isn’t a social and political statement, I don’t really see the point.”

So there you have it folks. Go and kill as many animals as possible and then incorporate their sinewy flesh into some cackhanded artistic statement and Morrissey won’t mind.

Later on, the writers of Anorak will be unveiling the latest meat-based art-statement where we highlight the temporary nature of the being, and how humans are used by ‘The Man’ as products to be regurgitated and shat out by an unloving system and even our layers of security we build around us won’t ever stop us from being punctured and gnawed at by the machinery that envelopes us.

It will be called ‘Eating A Sausage Roll’.


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