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Ryan Cleary’s Alleged Target: The Music Industry

by | 22nd, June 2011

TEEN hacker and LulzSec member Ryan Cleary targeted the music industry said police today. Maybe because they stopped him downloading some of that heavy metal music he loved

Record labels were the target of two the alleged hacks that have brought Cleary to the attention of Scotland Yard. After two days of interrogation they’ve charged him with five offences including one attack against theĀ International Federation of the Phonographic Industry, one against the British branch of the same organisation and one against the UK’s Serious Organised Crime Agency SOCA.

The hacks he has been charged with aren’t particularly complicated – they were DDoS attacks which involve flooding websites with traffic so that their servers crash and they can’t deal with the demands – temporarily taking the sites offline.

It must be a relief that he hasn’t been charged with the Sony or CIA hacks because then he’d be more likely to face extradition and harsher US legal system- not a great place for a nerdy kid who was scared to leave his bedroom. Though, going on the picture of his bedroom that we saw earlier, maybe Guantanamo Bay wouldn’t be such a big change for him after all..

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