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The Pathetic Story Of Raoul Moat, Kelsey Donkin And David Rathband

by | 27th, June 2011

ROAUL Moat, the cross-dressing, gay, cop hating doorman who murdered a man, shot a woman in the stomach and blinded a policeman when out “hunting for officers” who, allegedly, Tasered him to death is back in the news. Moaty never did get to have chicken and a fish with Paul Gascoinge nor play Grand Theft Auto, Northumberland, but he did create a news sensation.

Today, Moat is back in the form of Kelsey Donkin, a 22-year-old woman who thought it fit and proper to walk by blind Pc David Rathband as he attended Newcastle Crown Court for hearing of Karl Ness (sentenced to 40 years minimum jail time), and Qhuram Awan (20 years) who aided the fugitive Moat, and say “bang bang“. She also made a non-loaded gun with two of her fingers. This act suggests Rathband was not the only target of her crime. He is, after all, blind and she made the fingers behind his back.

Says Rathband:

“I felt sick at the thought of someone saying ‘bang bang’ behind my back. It is the first time I have encountered animosity or hostility towards me.”

So says the man who was unnarmed and sat in a police car when he shot in the face by Roaul Moat.

“This has caused me great distress. I’m deeply hurt by the actions of the female. I still feel sick to my stomach. I have had to sit in court concentrating on the events that left me blind, knowing this female thinks it’s funny.”

Judith Curry, defending, says Donkin is now a “figure of hate… She feels absolutely dreadful about what has happened“.

Says Donkin to the Beak: “I’m really sorry.

It’s a pathetic episode. Donkin is an idiot who wants to advertise the fact. And there is Mr Rathband, the victim not only of Moat and the weak-minded Donkin, but of a patronising press and the police force. He said:

“There are individuals within Northumbria Police that made terrible mistakes and should be held accountable… If you know somebody has made a direct threat towards someone you either remove that threat or remove the person that is being threatened. That is just common sense and they did not do that. I did not know that someone had a gun and was intent on killing police officers. I was not warned. If I had known, I would not have been shot. I would not have been in the position that I was. I was a sitting duck.”

Police… Common sense…

Good luck with that.

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