Anorak News | Chinese teenager offers up virginity for an iPhone 4

Chinese teenager offers up virginity for an iPhone 4

by | 28th, June 2011

A CHINESE woman has offered to sell her virginity in return for an iPhone 4.

The teenager from Guandong she’d have sex with whoever bought her the smartphone, after her dad refused to buy her one.  She made the announcement on the Chinese version of Twitter – Weibo, also taking out an ad with pictures of herself. People on the net have suggested she waits till September when the iPhone 5 comes out.

Her offer was picked up by the Korea Times, which brought a little moral perspective to this story:

“Her post has received negative feedback, pointing out that a phone is not worth what she giving in exchange. Others think that someone is using her account and pulling a malicious prank on the girl. [..]

“Sociologists blame such events on the rising importance of materialism amongst the young generation and their belief that there are no limits to how they satisfy their desires.”

It all reminds us of the tragic story of the Chinese boy who sold one of his kidneys for an iPad 2, and then swiftly regretted it. There will always be more gadgets, but you only have two kidneys.

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