Anorak News | Swansea Council Admin Official Filmed Women Using Disabled Toilet At Work

Swansea Council Admin Official Filmed Women Using Disabled Toilet At Work

by | 28th, June 2011

“I AM sorry to tell you this – he is disgusting.”

A damning verdict in anyone’s language.

And with these words, 27-year-old Rachel Jones informed female employees of Swansea Council that they were the stars of a new film directed by her then boyfriend, Matthew Hopkins.

The Daily Mail reports how Jones made the discovery when she found a DVD in Hopkins’ briefcase. Upon playing it, she was shocked to see a succession of women using a disabled toilet in one of the council’s office blocks.

Hopkins, an administration officer and amateur auteur, initially denied the whole thing, and said his girlfriend was making trouble, but the discovery of another disc put paid to that.

Rachel Jones agreed to hand the disc over to the woman, who intended passing it on the HR department. Hopkins was sacked and the police were called.

By now, the film had probably achieved viewing figures that would be respectable for the average art-house movie.

Hopkins admitted 14 counts of voyeurism – “recording other persons during a private act for the purpose of sexual gratification, knowing they did not consent.”  Simon Howell, defending, said that he had made a full and frank admission.

That’s Simon Howell, not Simon Cowell. For Hopkins has achieved fame, but not stardom, and will be attending a rehabilitation programme, not the annual OK! party.

Jones, meanwhile, is “rebuilding her life“, according to a friend.

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