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Laughing Kate McCann: The Truth About A Daily Express Conspiracy And Wed Trolls

by | 29th, June 2011

WHY has the Daily Express “removed” this image of Kate and Gerry McCann smiling from its website? Last week, Anorak bought you news of Kate and Gerry McCann in Holland. They were promoting Kate McCann’ book, Madeleine.

The Express shaped the story of the parents of missing child Madeleine McCann’s funds and awareness raising trip around their smiles.

The paper’s headline stated:

“At last Kate McCann can smile again”

The “Daily Express Reporter” reported:

“For once, grieving Kate McCann can find something to smile about. So often pictured as a sad, withdrawn figure, she and husband Gerry burst into laughter as they promoted her book about their lost daughter Madeleine.

That report is, at the time of writing, still intact.

So. Why was the photo “removed?” There is talk online of a conspiracy. One site says it knows the truth. It writes:

The photograph of happy Kate and Gerry was removed from the Express article – according to author David Bret “the sub-editor of the Express explained over the phone yesterday that no papers will print anything regarded as unfavourable regarding the McCanns, and that the couple’s “office” had complained that a picture of them laughing was unfavourable at it is a “misrepresentation” of how they feel, which was why they insisted it should be removed.

Anorak reached out to the Express and the “sub-editor” who worked on that story. Wewere told that the paper is not in thrall to the McCanns. In fact, the image has not been removed.  The “online reporter”, our source, says that a search for Kate McCann on the Express’s site still features the image.  It does.

The photo was published onlione at midnight on June 24. At some point during that afternoon, a video ad was placed over it.

So. No conspiracy. Just online trolls attacking the McCanns – and a need for the Express to make some cash…

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