Anorak News | Petra Ecclestone And James Stunt Are At Home In Hello! – Belgravia, LA And An Interview To Cherish

Petra Ecclestone And James Stunt Are At Home In Hello! – Belgravia, LA And An Interview To Cherish

by | 30th, June 2011

PETRA Ecclestone wants to show off the things she keeps in her Belgravia mansion. She’s talking to Tamara Beckwith, who lives in the area. Having saved a few quid on travel costs, Hello! settles down to meet the daughter of Bernie Ecclestone and sister to Tamara Ecclestone, who was only recently showing us her things in her massive Chelsea house.

Petra is sat on a deep sofa with her lover, a “privately wealthy” man called James Stunt. He’s 26. He has a name to conjure with. He appears to have stopped off on his way to a 1980s fancy dress party. James is possibly going to that do as a hateful Thatcherite estate agent whose been poured into a suit and forgotten to sway “when”.

Petra, of course, was recently in the news on account of her mother’s decision to spend $150 of her $734m divorce settlement from Bernie on Aaron Spelling’s 123-bedroom cottage in Los Angeles.

Says Tamara:

“Petra is far from what you might imagine a spoilt little rich girl should be.”

Ok. Let’s see. We imagine her to be – rubs temples – rich, surrounded by opulence, immaculately presented, dressed in very expensive rocks, talking about herself and her things and not training to be a nurse in an inner city hospital. Are we close, Tamara?

“A willowy blonde with beautiful doe-like eyes and the prerequisite endless gamine legs, she also has a fragile quality about her.”

Yep, you nailed us, Tamara. She is nothing like our vision of a spoilt child-women. Indeed, from your profile, Tamara, Petra could be a single mum living on benefits in Salford, or a tame deer in a Moscow petting zoo.

To further prove how unspoilt Petra is, Tamara looks beyond her “ginormous” wardrobe and “dainty pedicured feet” to the fact that Petra has “created a high-end menswear label and, more recently, a designer handbag range“.

Now that is hard yakka. We begin to realise why Tamara looks at Petra’s feet and not her hands, which are very likely scrubbed red raw by tanning the lathers in her Jacuzzi, scarred from stitching the bags and nailless from dragging bales of cloth up the five flights of stairs to her home atelier.

When Tamara says Petra is a “strong” woman, we nod in agreement.

Tamara continues to list Petra’s accomplishments:

“Even though she has the help of an interior decorator, she handled the refurbishment herself.”

Again, we do not see the hands, soaked as they must be in creosote, wallpaper glue and carrying splinters as big as her, well, her legs.

After the intro, Tamara and Petra sit down for a chat about having name that end with an “a” and life in general. Highlights are:

The Engagement Party:

“I knew exactly what I wanted and Battersea Power Station is such a fabulous London landmark.”

TB: “Rihanna also perfumed, How did that come about?”

Well, Rihanna so admired Petra’s work ethic and legs she got in touch and said ti’s love to chip in… Either that or Petra paid her.

What about Petra’s attitude to money?

“Both my parents came from very humble origins and we are there only too aware of how hard it is to make it in life.”

Dad’s stories are Petra’s school of hard knocks.

And, lastly, what of that 123-room mansion in LA?

“I saw so many houses there and found them to be super garish and very ostentatious.”

In Conclusion:

TB: “You have obviously inherited your work ethic from your parents.”

Says Petra:

“My luck and privilege is something I constantly have to defend.”

Which, presumably, is why she lives in a huge castle.

To the torches, comrades. We march at dusk…

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