Anorak News | Moth Crawls Into Sleeping Boy’s Ear

Moth Crawls Into Sleeping Boy’s Ear

by | 1st, July 2011

TO Denver, Colorado, where a moth (age unknown) has crawled into the ear of sleeping 12-year-old Wade Schlote.
Says Wade:

“I had a moment of panicking. I was in pain. It was hurting so much I was screaming and crying.”

Like you are thinking: get a flame and draw the moth to it.

The boy’s mum preferred the metod of using water to wash it out. That failed. So, they went to the hospital. There, doctors took a look. Says mum¬†Kathy Schlote:

“The doctors tried numbing my ear, thinking it would help with the pain and kill the moth,” Max recalled. “That didn’t work. Then they tried drowning it. That didn’t work. Then they tried irrigating it. That didn’t work.¬†Finally, the doctor pulled it out with tweezers and when they did it was still alive and started flying around.”

The moth was captured and Wade took it home as a pet.
Sleep tight.

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