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Giorgio Tuma – In The Morning We’ll Meet Review

by | 1st, July 2011

AAH British summer evenings. Flying ants, pesky kids up way past bedtime, irritating car alarms. What more could you wish for? Well how about a soundtrack that conjures up images of trysts on golden Spanish beaches and the view from rolling Tuscany hills? Yep your summer evenings in 2011 should belong to the Italian Giorgio Tuma whose new album In The Morning We’ll Meet is available on CD via Elefant as well as Spotify.

This is easy listening as it should be. Not cheesy rewrites of ancients hits or old fellas tinkling away on pianos. This little beauty is perfect summer mood music with its deep debt to 60s pop, soft rock and Euro classicists like Ennio Morricone and Michael Legrand.

Giorgio’s album, which he has created with a rollcall of collaborators, mixes short orchestrated pieces with full on MOR tunes that hint at things like Moon Safari era Air and Marden Hill, whose quirky, easy Euro instrumentals were one of the best things that El Records released in the 80s.

The best part is that as it moves from female vocal to short jazzy instrumental and on to more strident male vocal it still hangs together so beautifully. There’s plenty to love here especially An Enchanting Blue and the wonderful Saint Etienne-esque lead track New Fabled Stories. Very warmly recommended, (with a nice Chianti).

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