Anorak News | Swansea Man’s Chicken Bone Toss Caused Four-Car Pile Up

Swansea Man’s Chicken Bone Toss Caused Four-Car Pile Up

by | 5th, July 2011

WHEN Swansea’s Andre Varciana tossed a chicken bone from one side of the road towards his friends on the other, things went badly.

He and three friends had bought a box of fried chicken in Fforestfach. The group became separated by a dual carriageway road. And then Varciana tossed the bone.

Police see the moment. An officer is driving an unmarked Ford Focus. The bone somehow causes the copper to make an emergency stop. The bone did not hit his car. He chose to stop. This act of sudden stopping caused a four-car shunt. Some people in the other cars received minor injuries. The policeman was uninjured.

To court, then. In the high chair sits District judge Vivian Manning-Davies. Says he:

“It is the most bizarre case I think I have ever come across or heard about. To say it is unusual is an understatement. Initially I thought I was going to impose a very hefty fine… but I don’t think that’s at all appropriate.”

Varciana, 22, admitted throwing the bone. He was conditionally discharged and ordered to pay £85 court costs.

But shouldn’t the copper also be liable? His assessment of the situation caused a pile up…

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