Anorak News | Kerry Katona Is Not Shagging Neville Hendricks: Also Not On Drugs, Not Dating And Not Acting

Kerry Katona Is Not Shagging Neville Hendricks: Also Not On Drugs, Not Dating And Not Acting

by | 6th, July 2011

KERRY Katona tells OK! that she only speaks to the magazine “I TRUST“. The obvious questions are:

Horse & Hounds? Argos Mail Order? No. It’s OK!.

Trust with what? Her kidzzzz? Her stash? (No. Kerry is off the drugs.) Well, get a load of that front-page headline: “THE TRUTH ABOUT ‘MY AFFAIR’ WITH MY EX-MANAGER CLAIRE’S FIANCE.

As Anorak told you, Kerry is no longer represented by Claire Powell, agent to such luminaries as Amy Childs (of The Only Way Is Essex), Peter Andre and Nicola McLean. So bright are Powell’s talents that we call her Agent Orange. As Anorak also told you, Max Clifford is in Katona’s camp. And he told media:

“The split basically is the split between Claire and her partner who ran Can Associates, so there was Neville on the TV side and Claire on the management side, so they’ve fallen out and she’s [Kerry] is in the middle.”

Was there a hint of something else in that? Did we want to know more? Thankfully, Kerry can now reveal all. Kerry confides:

“I’m fine.”

She warns us against believing stories written about her. She says she wants to be an actor and Powell is not an agent for actors. Says Kerry:

“People in this industry change managers more often than I change my knickers.”

She does not say how often that is – but we imagine it to be less often when she is on holiday wearing a swimsuit than when she is at home in bed with a husband.

Says Kerry:

“I want a steady job and only way I can do that is by acting.”

Every actor working in coffee bars, super markets and offices agrees. It is the only way, Kerry.

“…it’s time to stand on my own two feet, and Max Clifford is helping me out now.”

Is he helping you find your feet to stand on – literally?

Kerry then recalls one night out with two life coaches and her “executive producer” Neville Hendricks.

“I wasn’t even pissed. And I wasn’t vomiting in a bag, I was looking for my car park ticket – why should I have to explain myself?”

Is it because OK! has asked for 800 words on your non drug taking and non drinking, Kerry? As we have said, Kerry’s career is now all about what she does not do. She tells us that she is also not dating Dan Foden – the one the Star told us a few days earlier she was “infatuated” with.

And she is not shagging the aforesaid Neville, Powell’s ex lover. Kerry says that is “sick“. She says whoever made up te story of shagging Neville is “disgusting” and “I will them apologise because that is so out of order“.

Well, until OK! mentioned “the truth” about Kerry and her ex-manager’s lover and Max Clifford talked about her being “in the middle” of Claire and her lover’s relationship, we had no idea about any of the ridiculous claims…


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